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LEVERNE is an old fashioned Swedish word with a double meaning, “way of life” and “fuss”. It’s a word that describes the way I relate to design in a simple way. In each project I search for the core value in order to be able too choose another path than others have walked before me. It creates space to establish new solutions with a holistic approach. And when it comes down to the other word; let’s face it, how fun is life without a little fuss?


I am studying in my final years of Product Design at Linneus University and this autumn I have concentrated on glass design, where I have focused on how glass and light interacts. My lighting interest arose during the years I worked as an electrician which allowed me discover how light can affect the mood of the room and the people using it. In my work I strive to improve my designs by working with the proportions within the shape. I describe my design language as emotional minimalism, where my goal is that the user will enjoy and care for the product and by that create objects to use and cherish for years to come. Aiming to be involved in the whole process to be able to improve and follow up the result.

Always remember 1 + 1 = 3